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Food, girls and other things I can't have
Food, girls and other things I can't have

Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can’t Have

By Allen Zadoff

Reviewed on: 09 2011 | Category: Teenagers

This is the moment. It’s time to tell April the truth about how I feel. But all I can think is that I probably have Caesar salad stuck in my teeth. Kiss the girl, the song says. The song is right. But there’s another song. The one in my head. It says, Fat guys don’t get to kiss the girl. This song comes with a YouTube clip. It’s a scene of a big fat kid trying to kiss this little cute girl.

The title of the clip is “Elephant in Love.” Three million hits of “Elephant in Love” are playing in fast motion in my head. I take a deep breath, suck in my stomach, and lean towards April…

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