Internet Access

Computers with internet connection are available for use by library visitors against a nominal fee. Special rules apply for children:


  • Only primary school students in the 5th and 6th grade are also allowed to use the computers.

  • All secondary school students are allowed use of the computers.


Rules & Regulations for using computer workstations:


  • All users are required to buy a TIMECARD for a $1.00 or NAF1.80 at the circulation desk for a half hour session.

  • All users must use their TIMECARD number to log into a computer. The TIMECARD is valid for 24 hours.

  • All users are assigned one person to a computer with a maximum of 2 people per terminal.

  • All users may NOT open the equipment, or try to fix any problems or paper jams.

  • All users will be charged for any damage they cause to the equipment.

  • All users may print documents at a charge of $ 0,25 per page or NAF 0,45 per black and white, and for colour $ 0,50 or NAF 0,90 per colour page