Join the Library

Membership rules and fees:

We are sure you will want to make use of some or all of our facilities and services, but if you wish to make use of materials outside of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library you will need a valid membership card. Our government regulated fees for library cards are as follows:


  • Children:
    No Fee. (Entitled to 4 items at a time)
    Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the materials borrowed by their children and will have to sign an agreement to this effect.

  • High school students:
    Fee: Naf 10, - per year. (Entitled to 6 items at a time)
    High school students pay a one time registration fee of Naf 25,-

  • Adults:
    Fee: Naf 25, - per year. (Entitled to 10 books at a time)
    Adults pay a one time registration fee of Naf 25,-

  • Teachers:
    Fee: Naf 25,- per year. (Entitled to 15 items at a time)
    Items can be borrowed for classroom use or preparation of lessons.
    Teachers pay a one time registration fee of Naf 50,-

  • Tourists & Non-residents:
    Fee: Naf 7,20 for one month or Naf 30,- every six months or part thereof.
    (Entitled to 3 items at a time, with minor restrictions)
    Tourists pay a deposit of Naf 50,-

    Senior Citizen 
    Fee: one time registration fee of Naf 25,-- ( Entitled to 10 items at a time)